Quick check-list of what authors need to do

Detailed instructions for authors

Format for the Conference.  The conference will be held on Gather.town, facilitated by Virtual Chair. Each presentation will involve three parts:

1) A 20-minute full talk video, which will be uploaded to YouTube prior to the conference.

2) A live 8-minute short talk, to be presented during the conference.  

3) A “poster” to facilitate a short discussion session after each presentation session.

Each session will consist of several live 8-minute talks, with limited time for questions.  Your 8-minute talk should not be your 20-minute talk at 2.5x speed!  Think of this as an advertisement for the audience to go watch the long talk, or to follow up during the discussion time.

Between the sessions there will be a short break and discussion time on our Gather.town venue.  During this discussion time, the authors from the previous presentation session should be available for further questions and discussion.  Each presenter should submit a “poster” to display for the discussion.  “Poster” is in quotes because it doesn’t have to be a full-blown poster (we know that preparing two talks is already quite a bit of work!) — if you like, it can be a slide from your talk that will remind visitors of the key points of the talk and to facilitate discussion. 

How to Present. Information for how to join the VirtualChair venue can be found https://www.virtualchair.net/events/approx-random-2021.  Below is a PDF file with instructions.

There will be two invited talks and one social event on our Gather.town venue.  

Speaker Registration.  The cost per paper is $112, to cover both the publication fees and the venue fees.  This fee also covers the presenter’s registration for the conference.  Please go to the link below to register.  Exactly one author from each paper must register as a speaker.  (Other authors can register for only $10 as a general audience member, see registration information on the conference webpage).

Important: After you register, 

1) Please forward your confirmation email to Yin Tat Lee at yintat@uw.edu, with the subject line “APPROX/RANDOM Registration.”  

2) Please also fill out this Google form to indicate who is the presenter for each paper: https://forms.gle/tLknCwYHCYM38DK29

Please register each paper by July 19.

Submitting Materials.  The 20-minute video and “poster” (see Format for the Conference above for more details) are both due by August 6. Please submit both the video and the poster at this link: https://forms.gle/EswAFgUqoLScP17v7.  Information for how to prepare “poster”s can be found at https://www.virtualchair.net/posters.